Hello, I’m Cordelia Kelly, and this is my website. I’ve been a lawyer and a journalist in past lives, but settled on writing stories and drawing illustrations after all that, my favourite things to do as a kid. I write mainly horror, and my short story “Herbalista” has been published in horror anthology Prairie Witch. I am currently working on a paranormal adventure series called the Port of Lost Souls, a young adult fantasy novel The Sibyl and the Thief, as well as a middle-grade horror project.

I have a deep love of cheesy teen horror books from the ’90s (aka Fear Street, by R. L. Stine), so much so that my sister and I read every single one and recapped them all. It was … a work of love. We blogged our recaps at Shadyside Snark, check it out if you’re feeling nostalgic, or are really into ’90s horror. For all of my book recommendations, please check out my Instagram account @bookoracle1.

I’ve recently returned to Calgary, Canada after an extended sojourn in Switzerland, and am exploring my homeland again. In my spare time I’m learning digital illustration on Procreate. Other things I love include knitting and baking things that look awful but taste great.

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