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Immortality: Blessing or Curse

This blog is about immortality – and how it is essentially ultimate-level horror when taken to its full and truest sense. So much of our literature and art delves into immortality, which humans have been chasing basically since we understood the concept of death. Up to this point, though, nobody’s figured out the immortality thing.

Horror: Middle Grade Edition

Middle grade is the perfect time to introduce kids to horror. Kids are able to get carried away by the magic of the story to a place where monsters exist … and can be overcome.

Happy New Years

Choose to inhabit your own body and mind without the party blinders, and watch your life come into focus.

Books for the Holidays

The holidays is the time for some feel-good Yuletide tales. For the most part, I describe my Christmas reading list as “Hallmark movie in a book” and I have zero regrets.

War and Remembrance

Remembrance Day is a time to reflect on the horrors of war. Here are some of my favourite war-time novels – none of them glorify war, but rather highlight the devastating consequences and human costs that come with the fallout.

Nanowrimo and Pies

A giveaway for the horror anthology Prairie Witch (signed by me!) and some resources if you’re nanowrimo-ing this month. Also: pie

A Life For a Life

The true allure of the witch for women is the concept of power – not power bestowed on us for our youth and beauty, which will fade and our power along with it – but true power, that we’ve grabbed with our own two hands, that belongs to only us.

Scary Stories

It’s time for scary stories. Not the cute ones, not the ones that give you warm fuzzies. These are stories that make your spine tingle.


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