Cordy Kelly Doodles

I began learning digital illustration summer 2021, with absolutely no clue what I was doing. It has been great fun to learn this skill, and my goal is to one day design my promotional materials. This is my journey. Photos are in reverse chronological order, so scroll back to see where I started!

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Holidays 2022

Sign Joyeux Noel over stockings by the fire illustration
Christmas mug with candy canes, cookies and cinnamon sticks
Oil painting illustration stockings over the fire

Halloween 2022

My favourite quote for my favourite month

Only my favourite season!

Last image of summer 2022

Elodie Under the Umbrella

A bookmark for wisdom

Girl reading book waving wand
Book witch

Graphic illustration summer lettering

Lettering on candle: Kindess Spreads like Wildfire
Kindness spreads like wildfire

Parisian cafe illustrated scene
Cafe de Paris

Illustrated girl running through field of flowers

Pink rose in watercolors
Watercolour rose

Cinnamon roll and coffee
Cozy cinnamon roll

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins illustrated recipe
Ilustrated Recipe

Lettering: I Will Succeed on my Own Terms
New Year’s Resolution

Remembrance Day, 2021

Every Child Matters
A reminder

Because butter really is love

First attempts! This is the first time I have done any kind of drawing with colour since … Art 30? About a hundred years ago. Here’s a video of the struggle!

Some of my earliest attempts at sketching!

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