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I’m starting a new blog, so it must be a Tuesday.

Okay, maybe not exactly, but it does seem that every time my life swings in a new direction, I begin a new blog.

Like that time I left my law career and started blogging recaps of Fear Street novels. As far as career shifts go, that was pretty epic! So is the blog, actually, Shadyside Snark is still active twelve years running.

And then there was the time I had a baby and moved to Switzerland. I blogged about the food I ate and the places I visited. That was spectacular and also very very difficult, and I was happy to have kept a notebook of my experiences. I also kept a blog of book reviews because I am very, very into books.

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Which brings us to now. I’m Cordelia Kelly and I’m happy to meet you. I am a writer and illustrator, and I feel like everything I do is a work in progress. Actually, I feel like I am a work in progress. I have recently moved with my family back to my homeland, Canada, and we’re getting started up again. I’ve spent the last year quietly working on projects and I’m really excited to share them with you.

My favourite thing in the whole world is books. I like writing them; I like reading them, reviewing them, recapping them, talking about them, taking pictures of them. I read a little bit of everything, but I’m a sucker for paranormal anything. And also romance. If you’re into paranormal romance we’re basically best friends already.

Book surrounded by candles
Image by Cordelia Kelly at Cordy Kelly Doodles

Award-winning short story revealed

I think reading books makes people kinder and more complex, able to see a more nuanced viewpoint of the world and the humans within it.  Every time we share our stories, we’re reaching into the void to connect with other people in. Therein lies the everlasting power of storytelling. I hope you find something that moves you, or makes you laugh. My short story, Unfreeze, won the 2019 Geneva Literary Prize in Fiction – you can read that here.

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What was the scariest or most random career shift you ever made? Those are usually the ones that transform us the most. Comment below or send a message, I would love to hear from you!

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