Unlock the Secrets of Everyday Magic

Witchcraft to Add Sparkle to Your Day

No matter who you are, there are easy things you can do life that will bring a little bit of magic to your day. You don’t have to be a practicing Wicca to access everyday magic: we all have a little bit of witch inside us. How to conjure up a little sparkle? All it takes is an open mind, your imagination and a good sense of humour. No harm comes from it, but it can make everyday experiences more fun, more significant, and maybe even a little bit bewitching.

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What exactly is witchcraft? Wicca is an alternative religion practiced by all genders, a part of the larger contemporary pagan spirituality, based on pre-Christian beliefs. I’m not a practicing Wicca; however, some elements of the religion resonate with me, such as celebrating the seasons or mindfully preparing food. This is pretty Wiccan in its way since the base rules of Wicca are do harm to none and do as you will. So as long as you’re not hurting anyone and doing your own thing – look at you! You’re a witch too! Here are some signs you are a natural witch.

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Types of Witchcraft

Anything can feel a little bit magic if you do so presently. Concentrating on the task at hand, you can elevate it into something special. If you feel connected when you’re gardening, you’re a green witch. If you’re interested in astrology or tarot cards, you’re a divination witch. If you love to cook and feel a deep connection to the world while mixing ingredients, then you might just be a kitchen witch. Here’s a cute quiz to see what kind of witch you are.

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Kitchen Witch

If you know me at all, you’ve probably guessed I’m a witch in the kitchen. I relax when cooking, and I’ve often said that baking is an act of love for me. So I resonate most as a kitchen witch. I’m interested in uses for herbs and traditional medicine and how to cook for healing.

They say chicken soup is good for the soul, and whoever they are, they must have been a witch too! I brew a big batch of bone broth once a month. Bone broth is something our ancestors have been making for thousands of years, so this is a way to connect with traditions.

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Bone broth is easy to make and an excellent source of collagen, which is good for your skin, your gut, your hair … I can’t actually overstate how good this is for you. I’ll let this article do it for me. I don’t eat red meat, so I always prepare my bone broth from a chicken carcass after a roast chicken meal. But you can also go to your butcher to ask for cow or lamb bones if that is your jam. I typically follow the recipe found on The Minimalist Baker, one of my favourite food bloggers. It’s a pretty laissez-faire recipe – you can throw anything you want in there. Garlic and onions, leftover vegetables, spices and herbs sitting nearby, lemons … whatever you fancy will add to the deliciousness.

I usually brew the broth overnight (in my Le Creuset Witch’s Cauldron!). Once it’s strained and cooled, I freeze whatever I’m not using right away in an ice cube tray. Whenever I need to add stock to a recipe, I just grab however many cubes I need – it’s easy and avoids waste.

Green Witch

I do not have a green thumb. But every time I see an overflowing garden, I wish I did. Those who have a touch with living things are considered green witches, and fortunate to have that kind of connection with the earth.

One way to add some green witchcraft to your life is to grow small pots of herbs in your kitchen. I say this as a Canadian, where there isn’t an opportunity to have a year-round outdoor garden. And most of us don’t actually have a conservatory (although it’s one of those things I’d like to have if I grow up very rich and eccentric!) Filling your home with indoor greenery is not only great for your air quality, but it’s also great for your spirit. Bonus points if you’re growing something you can use to make tea or add vitamins and flavour to your food.

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Divination Witch

Many people love having their fortune told, looking for answers in the stars or staring into tea leaves to divine their destiny. I recently discovered this gorgeous set of Oracle Cards of Literary Witches. These oracles cards (different from tarot) are based on the book Literary Witches by Taisia Kitaiskaia, a celebration of feminist icons. Since my Instagram handle is bookoracle1, I absolutely couldn’t pass these up.

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Every time I finish a yoga practice or meditation, I spend a moment concentrating on my intention and then pick a card, using the guidebook to help interpret my findings. There is something helpful about taking a moment to think about where you need guidance. Then pondering the meaning of your card throughout the day can offer insight into your life and what you want to get out of it. Also, it can be massively fun.

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Moon Magic

I’ve always been a “look at the moon” kind of person, and I keep track of the moon cycles. Recently I’ve begun to meditate during the full moon and the new moon: it’s a way that makes me feel connected with the natural world. The last full moon was two days ago, and I took a moment to reflect with gratitude all I am thankful for. This is an excellent practice to follow for anyone, as a gratitude practice has been scientifically proven to have all kinds of physical, psychological and interpersonal benefits. Here is a way to establish a full moon gratitude practice.

During the new moon, that’s when you get down to business. The new moon is an excellent time to set your intentions for the month and put them out to the universe. Do I believe that if I ask the universe for something, it will magically happen? No. But, sitting down once a month to write down my intentions and creating a list of what I can do to encourage these to happen makes it way more likely to materialize. This is focus, dedication, living presently and mindfully – you would be amazed what can come from intention setting! If there are energy currents or vibrations that help out with things, I won’t say no!

Here is the meditation I follow every new moon – it’s short and soothing.

Follow the Seasons

For those who live in a climate where the seasons are marked by changes, celebrating those transformations can get you in touch with the natural powers surrounding us. Celebrating the first flowers of spring or giving thanks for the harvest bounty is a part of that.

The next holiday celebrated on the Wiccan Wheel of the Year is perhaps the most well-known: Samhain. Many Western cultures still celebrate it, although the significance has been lost over the centuries. Halloween evolved from All Hallow’s Eve, which draws its roots all the way back to the pagan Samhain, where the changing from life to death is honoured. Read more about the practice here.

There are many ways you could bring a little witchcraft into your Halloween this year, beyond sporting a pointy hat and handing out candy (which, by the way, I will be doing). Consider taking a walk in nature, reflecting on the cycle of life and death as you kick through the fallen leaves. Samhain is also a time where the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest. You can light a candle in remembrance of an ancestor or a loved one at this time.

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Witchcraft can be found in just about everything. Living each moment presently, mindfully, and with intention can elevate simple tasks into something spiritual. Every time you sit down with a cup of tea, take a moment to relish in the smell, the taste, the thanks you have for that moment. You will automatically feel lighter and more connected. Witchcraft!

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I also have a great love of all things witchy in literature. Check out Book Reviews, but Make It Witchy, my ever-growing list of witch books. Reviews are out each Tuesday. If you have any witch books you’d like to see up here, comment below or send me a message; I love finding new witch stories!

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