Sexiest French Playlist

I’m not sure if this is well known, but I am a die-hard francophile. The beauty of the countryside, the accents, the food (THE FOOD!), the lifestyle, I drink it all in. And Paris, of course. I’ve never lived in France, but from my kitchen in a village near Geneve, I could see the French Alps, so that nearly counts.

From that vantage point, we partook and delighted in French culture. I did all my grocery shopping in France! The corner of Switzerland where Geneva is found, la Suisse Romande, is very french and influenced by the culture, so though different, I often equate the two (apologies to my Genevois friends!)

In that corner of the world, no month sparkles brighter than April. The sun, the flowers, the greenery, it is a stunning display of spring I had never experienced before. It is a drastic contrast from the often hostile Canadian springs I was used to. When I first stepped foot in Geneva it was April 4, a balmy 20 degrees. This was a full 50 degrees warmer than the spring blizzard I had left behind. It felt like paradise. I feel in love hard and fast.

I miss my European life most in April. In honour of this, my blogs this month will be inspired by all things French.

The French are known for a love of food and sex. The foodstuff will come later. As for the sex? I’ll leave you this offering today:

I have your new favourite playlist of awesome French songs I discovered in my time exploring Europe. How every French singer sounds unbelievably sexy, no matter what they are singing about, is a part of their mystique. Here’s my spring soundtrack of the sexiest French songs. Listening to it is guaranteed to make you at least 15% happier, and an unknowable amount sexier (anecdotal). You can find the playlist on Spotify here!

Springtime French Playlist

  1. On brûlera – Pomme, À peu près
  2. Speed – Zazie, Speed
  3. La grenade – Clara Luciani, Sainte-Victoire
  4. Stand Up – Patrick Bruel, Ce soir on sort …
  5. Les choses simples – Jenifer et Slimane, Nouvelle Page
  6. Jour 1 – Louane, Chambre 12
  7. A côté de toi – Les Enfoirés, A côté de toi
  8. Les filles d’aujourd’hui – Joyce Jonathan et Vianney, Une place pour moi
  9. Donnez-moi – Les Frangines, Les Frangines (Nouvelled édition)
  10. L’ours – Christophe Maé et Youssou N’Dour, Ma vie d’artiste Unplugged
  11. Si jamais j’oublie – Zaz, Sur la route
  12. Le chant des sirènes – Fréro Delavega, Fréro Delavega
  13. Summer 2015 – L.E.J., En attendant l’album
  14. À nos souvenirs – Trois Cafés Gourmands, À nos souvenirs
  15. J’me tire – GIMS, Subliminal (La face cachée)
  16. Si on te demande – Amel Bent, Demain
  17. Facile – Camélia Jordana, facile x fragile
  18. Évidemment – Trois Cafés Gourmands, Un air de rien
  19. Gabrielle – Pierre Sabourin, Gabrielle
  20. Allez reste – Boulevard des Airs (feat. Vianney), Je me dis que toi aussi

Happy listening!

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